They may be 8,000 miles away and an 18-hour flight but Derek Trendell’s talk on the wildlife and conflict on the Falkland Islands left many of us keen to make the journey.

It was surprising to see how much evidence of the conflict was still visible. Apart from the many memorials and graves there was still some plane wreckage and mine field signs; although recent reports say the islands are now mine-free … good to know for the wandering wildlife photographer.

Talking of wildlife, Derek showed us a huge variety of birds in his talk, his favourite being the gentoo penguin. Whilst there were many unusual species it was interesting to see house sparrows, apparently travelling to the islands as stowaways on cargo ships. Whilst the UK does offer us puffins and seals, I’m sure many of the club’s wildlife photographers would love to swap them for penguins and elephant seals for a week or two.

The distance and geography of the islands doesn’t make this an easy trip. Plenty of planning is involved, not just getting there but getting around once you’re there, but judging from Derek’s photos, boy does it look worth it!