Steve Bond, long-time friend of MPS, recent talk ‘Life and Times of a Freelance Sports Photographer’ scored big with the members (OK, we’ll stop the sporting puns now).

We had the low down on how to shoot cricket and football, where to sit, what to look out for, what publications are looking for and plenty of examples of his great images, in print and online.

As if capturing the action isn’t hard enough, in this fast-paced digital age, he also has to get the images downloaded, named and electronically transferred so they can appear within minutes on live blogs and in the next days newspapers.

Whilst I doubt any of us will be shooting premiership football anytime soon, Steve’s insights can easily be applied to village clubs who will no doubt be grateful of someone capturing the action for them – we all have to start somewhere!

We were also shown some great shots of the wildlife around Melbourne Pool and further afield (hence the above image – no sports shots due to copyright restraints).

Steve’s definitely in a league of his own (OK, one more sports pun) and I’m sure he’ll be back again with more stories from the world of pro photography.