We were treated to some spectacular shots of Birmingham city centre last night. Chris guided us through many of the familiar locations and plenty of the lesser-known ones where he tries to find more original scenes to photograph. He managed to turn buildings that normally look quite unappealing to most into something far more interesting through his use of light and composition. It even started a debate between members on the aesthetic appeal, or lack of, brutalist architecture, a first (and probably last) for the club!

The second half focused more on the countryside and natural world, in stark contrast to the urban sprawl of the first half. Poppy and bluebell fields replaced tramlines and high-rises, although his love of canals was evident throughout. It was interesting to see a number of images that focused on farming, an area often overlooked by landscape photographers.

I feel I can speak for all members when I say that the next time I visit Birmingham it won’t look as good as I remember it from Chris’ photos!

Telly Savalas Looks At Birmingham

For those members who haven’t seen Birmingham’s 1970s promotional video that was discussed last night, here it is…