If you’d like to contribute to the society’s website you can in two ways:


We like to regularly update the images on the website to keep it looking fresh. There are the main slider images that are at the top of key pages and other smaller images dotted around the site. Images need to be at least 1100px along their horizontal edge. Slider images have an aspect ration of 2:1 (ie 1100px x 550px). If you don’t know how to resize or crop your images, don’t worry, just send them as they are and we can do it.

Blog Posts

If you’ve something interesting to share about photography then let us know and we can add it to our blog. Ideally it will be around 300 words long and have at least one image. Again, please supply the images at least 1100px across.

Example content:

  • local photographic opportunities – locations, or events worth photographing
  • events and festivals relating to art and photography
  • a good deal you’ve found on camera gear
  • camera gear you want to sell
  • educational websites
  • inspirational websites
  • competition websites

Basically, think of some of the things you chat about in the tea break or down the pub after a club night (keep it clean!). This is often where the most valuable info is discussed to help improve our photography, everything from the best place to buy mountboard to a local field covered in poppies.

Use the contact form on this site to request the email address to send your contributions to. If your email is large (over 10mb) then please send via an online file transfer site such as WeTransfer (it’s free).

We reserve the right to reject submissions. If you’re unsure whether your submission is right for our website please ask first.