There weren’t any firework pictures even though it was November 5th, but that didn’t stop his images generating a few oohs and aahs!

Simon’s project-based photography talk delivered plenty of insight and inspiration. Starting with examples of how many great artists have developed their work through extensive projects such as Monet’s Water Lilies or Picasso’s Blue Period. Thinking beyond the single image is a proven way to improve the creative thinking behind your work.

The fascinating part of the talk wasn’t just the project’s focus, but the method of capturing the image. This ranged from, pinhole cameras, flatbed scanners, Intentional Camera Movement, infrared, cyanotypes … you name it, Simon’s tried it.

Through his creative thinking and ability to look beyond the obvious, Simon turned seed heads into deep space nebula, light fittings into alien planets, and decaying bark into Bryce Canyon!

His talk was a refreshing change from the norm and a reminder for us all to try something new and experiment.