Above is the finished image from Steve’s Flash Basics talk. Only a quick and simple setup (tinkering around with positioning etc doesn’t make for very interesting viewing) but hopefully it inspired a few members to give it a go.

Created using a single speedlight and 60x60cm softbox. The fill light to the left was created using a sheet of polystyrene to bounce the main light back into the shot. Finished image is two images combined, this helped to reduce the iPhone reflection on the other mobile phone.

Some links below to topics raised at the evening:

  1. Extra long USB cable for tethering your camera
  2. Laptop stand (also useful for placing subjects on to photograph)
  3. Gavin Hoey – great place to learn more about photography
  4. Visual Education (Karl Taylor) for all things photography and more, you have to pay, but worth every penny.

Some more images shown on the evening…