Annual Dinner and Awards Presentation – Saturday May 13th 7:30 pm

The Annual Dinner this year is being held at the Melbourne Hall Tea Rooms, Church Square, Melbourne, Derbyshire, DE83 8EN,. This evening will allow us all to get together at the end of the season, and for the presentation of the array of our annual awards to be made, including the prestigious Photographer of the Year awards.[ POTY and NPOTY ]  For those of you who have not attend one of these events before, this is the opportunity to bring your other half out for the evening.

The meal will cost £22.50 per person, and is open to members and their families. If you wish to go, please provide your names, menu selection and payment to John Weston before May 12th . he can be reached by email at A £10 none refundable deposit per person will secure your place, with the balance being paid on the evening.

They are unlicensed, and as such you can bring your own choice of drinks with you. We will not be providing drinks in the cost this year. The menu choice for the evening is below;

Melbourne Hall Tea Rooms


Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta

Homemade Roasted Vine Tomato Soup

Homemade Smoked Mackeral Pate

Main Course

Pork Loin Stuffed with Spinach and Mushrooms

Chicken Fillet in Tomato and Herb Sauce topped with Mozzerella Cheese

Salmon Fillet with a herb crust and Homemade Parsley Sauce

Mushroom and Stilton Wellington

Served with Colcannon Mash and Seasonal Vegetables


Homemade Hazelnut Meringue served with raspberry cream and fresh raspberries

Homemade Bread and Butter Pudding

Homemade Lemon Panna cotta

 To Finish

Coffee and Homemade Chocolate Brownies 

Any questions, please contact John Wesson 07816 020580 or Paul Cooper

Annual General Meeting [AGM] 2017 – 27th April 2017

The constitution of the Society requires me as President to give at least 21 days notice of our AGM. This notice fulfils that requirement and also gives me the opportunity to remind members that any nominations for committee posts and agenda items for the AGM should be notified by the 10th April 2016. 

Committee post being vacated at this AGM are the Programme Secretary & Secretary. I should point out that as this is a democratic process, any member can stand for any post.

The committee reports and AGM Agenda are ALL now published on the website.

The programme for the next year is  published. This does not constitute part of the AGM reporting, and like the constitution is there for reference only.

Agenda & Finance Report are now added to the set. A motion has been received for the review of the scoring system.

The following nominations have been received for the committee

Post 2016/17 post holder Status Expressions of interest
President Paul Cooper Standing for re election  None
Vice President Ian Pettit Standing for re election None
Treasurer Alan May Standing for re election None
Secretary Ken England Standing down Lorraine Dowell
Programme Secretary Ian Pettit Retiring John Zahorodnyj
Competition Secretary Simon Pearce Standing for re election None
Exhibition Secretary Jennifer Zahorodnyj Standing for re election  None
Advertising & Promotion Paul Cooper Standing for re election None
Committee Member John Wesson Standing for re election None

Please note there are no printed copies of the papers at the AGM, please bring you own copies with you if needed.

Paul Cooper, President,

6th April 2017

Amended 9th April, 12th April & 25th April & 26th April 


Members Night – 13th April 2017 – Contributions Please

This Thursday is one of occasional open nights, when members can bring a presentation on any photographic related subject, never mind how tenuous the link may be. You may want to tell the others how about your love of trains, how to take pictures of the moon or your trip to Timbuktu. The options are all yours. One things for certain,  is that its always an interesting night.

So far four members have come forward with offers of talk, but I am confident that there will be time to come forward with some other subjects. So far the following members have come forward with ideas:

  • Tony Pedley
  • Chris Brown
  • Helen Willis
  • John Orton

Blow off your files, and give thought about  what you can talk about.

Results – Annual Competition 6th April 2016

These are the results from the Annual Competition judged by Ralph Duckett of Burton Photographic Society. There was a superb turnout by the membership, and the judge commented on the high standard of our entries.

In summary the top three in each section were

Winter Walk (Jennifer) 1
Fog on the Tweed (Paul) 2
Waiting Patiently (Helen W) 3
Lighthouse (Simon) 1
Early Morning Rowing Practice (Helen W) 2
Accentuate the Curves (Helen W) 3

Congratulations to both Jennifer and Simon for their success.

Full details can be found in the members area under competition results