Derby Photographic Society – Competition Result

In the second leg of the competition last night with Derby, Melbourne built on their strong position in the first leg to deliver a convincing win.  The gaps in the first leg were somewhat reduced in the second leg marking, but were not enough to put the result out of reach. Thank you to our hosts for last nights hospitality.

Full results will be published in the members area during the course of the next few days, when the results sheets are collated.

Annual Competition April 6 2017

This event is the final competition of 2016 series, and all members are allowed to enter up to 3 prints and 3PDI’s into this prestigious events. There are no restrictions, its up to you to decide what images you enter.

Normal sizing and presentation rules apply.

External Competition Derby Photographic Society March 20th 2017 – AWAY LEG

The competition with Derby Photographic Society will consist of 2 legs, a home and away leg, with each leg judged independently by different judges. The scores from both legs will be added together and will result in an overall winner from both the PDI and print sections. The same set of images is used in both legs, so you get an interesting perspective of the judging.

The next step is the away leg which is being held on Monday March 20th , at Eborn House on the Leylands Estate, Broadway, Derby DE22 1AY

Click here to view a map of the location

Competition results will be published on the website after the final leg has taken place.

Simon & Paul