New book, Kerry: The Beautiful Kingdom

Melbourne Photographic Society has it’s first published author – John Wesson!

Most will know that John has a tendency to disappear for extended periods and contrary to popular belief, his time spent in Ireland isn’t always inside the local pub. His first book, Kerry: The Beautiful Kingdom is clear evidence of his love and extensive travels around County Kerry.

More than just a picture book, the stunning photos of the people, landscape and wildlife of Kerry are accompanied by interesting captions. These not only detail the history of Kerry, but offer a wealth of facts for anyone wanting to visit.

Well done John on such a great first book, we look forward to book number two!

If you’d like to buy a copy it’s available on Amazon, click here. You never know he might even sign it for you!

You can read the story behind the book in an interesting article featured on The Irish Times website.

Members’ night

Our recent members’s night was, as always, a great opportunity to see what other members are up to. Below is just one presentation from an entertaining evening that included a number of AV presentations and practical lessons. The next members’ night is April 13th … get your thinking caps on!

Steve Bond Images

Steve Bond is a regular speaker at the Society. Whether it’s wildlife, sports or studio photography his talks are always extremely insightful. He’ll be paying us a visit again next season, so keep a lookout for updates to the programme page.

In the meantime why not take a look at his website and blog. Whatever your particular area of photographic interest is, I’m sure you’ll find something on there to inspire you.