Annual Competition

Well, there was some truly excellent photography on show at our annual competition. The bar was set especially high for anyone wanting a trophy this year.

The diverse range of images was impressive too. If the stunning vistas and inspiring wildlife photography weren’t enough, there was plenty of skilful and imaginative studio work on show too. From high-speed flash photography to lengthy exposures and light trails, there is definitely no shortage of creativity within the society.

Hats off to all those who entered, the time and effort that was put in really showed.

So, who won what I hear you ask! The full score sheet will be available shortly but we can announce the winners, or should I say winner (singular), of the best printed and best digitally projected image, and that is John Wesson. Well done John!

Both images (pictured below) have so much going for them. The Salisbury Cathedral Font image features great symmetry, scale and post-processing. John took 3 exposures and combined them into one and he didn’t even use a tripod! Then there’s the Skelligs Storm, full of drama and atmosphere. John did use a tripod this time, which he recalls having to grab quickly before he was neck deep in the Atlantic Ocean!

Although the winter season is nearing its end, I’m sure there will be plenty of members taking more competition winning shots whilst attending one of our many summer activities.

Our ‘Photographer of the Year’ plus other trophy winners will be announced next Thursday after the AGM.

Skelligs Storm by John Wesson – best printed image

Salisbury Cathedral Font by John Wesson – best projected image


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