Date  Event Title Description
Sep-17 Speaker – David Couldwell Fluke and Flaw A mixture of Motorcycle racing and everyday life.
Sep-24 Speaker – Bill Ward Landscape Bill (an actor who has starred in Emmerdale and Coronation Street) will take us through some of his landscape photography.
Oct-01 Speaker – Ian Daisley The Peak District in Black and White Ian’s love of black & white photography is illustrated in this lecture, which shows the Peak District in monochrome. He will explain the ideas behind the images and the way in which they were planned, captured and processed.
Oct-08 AGM A review of the past year and chance for members to have their say on the future of the society and elect committee members.
Oct-15 Competition (internal) Theme – Mobile Phone We all have one, but how good are you at taking a picture with your mobile phone? Here’s your chance to show off your best in a fun competition.
Oct-22 Speaker – Des Ong Wildlife photography. An audio-visual journey showcasing wildlife images from the high, ice-capped Norwegian mountains to the tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia.
Oct-29 Speaker – Steve Myall 100 Strangers The idea behind 100 Strangers project is to approach people you don’t know and ask them if you can photograph them right there and then. This is a form of street photography with permission required to photograph the person rather than taking a candid picture. Lots of tips on camera technique and getting a stranger to say yes.
Nov-05 Speaker – Simon Pearce Project-based photography Camera club photography is very much centered around the single image.  Competitions are normally only about single ‘greatest hit’ images with little opportunity to develop bigger ideas. Simon’s talk will cover the power of making photo projects and the way projects can bring out your creativity.
Nov-12 Speaker – Chris Fletcher Nature and Architecture A look at the works of photographer Chris Fletcher showing the images he has captured in the UK and from his travels abroad, focussing on the natural and man-made world.
Nov-19 Speaker – Andrea Hargreves The Art of Metamorphosis Andrea begins with a brief presentation of her early work, followed by an explanation of how her workflow developed from photoshoot to final image. She’ll show how ideas develop and how she creates her fantasy images. The presentation is mainly creative/altered reality with some female nudity.
Nov-26 Speaker – Derek Trendell Falklands – Conflict & Wildlife Derek visited the Falkland Islands in January 2018 for about three weeks. He went to see and photograph the wildlife but got drawn into the history of the war and his talk deals with both aspects. He visited several of the 420 islands that make up the Falklands.
Dec-03 Speaker – Jeff Carter Life in the fast lane Life in the Fujifilm X Photographer Jeff Carter has been a motorsport photographer for 25 years and now works for the FIA, the world governing body of motorsport, on the World Endurance Championship. This takes him to Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East and includes the world’s great race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.  Jeff will give an insight into how he works at these high profile events to deliver the images required by his high profile client.
Dec-10 Competition (internal) Panel of Four Four images on a theme of your choice.
Dec-17 Christmas Social Christmas Meet Details to be announced.
Jan-07 Speaker – Steven Fairbrother The Full Monty II Will the sequel be as good? We’ve already seen the Full Monty, what’s left to see? Well more of the same! So if you liked the landscapes, wildlife, drone video/photography, tips, tricks and stories from the original, you’ll like this too. Now also includes still life photography.
Jan-14 David Keep A project-based approach to photography We’re all looking to create powerful images that stand out from the crowd, David will describe his approach in trying to achieve this aim by taking a logical, project-based approach.  From initial concept, contact building, planning and shooting, right through to the processing techniques ha uses on some of his award-winning images, nothing will be held back!
Jan-21 Sharon Repton Macro photography Macro/close-up photography is Sharon’s hobby which she has been doing for around 6 years now. I find it a very fascinating and almost therapeutic hobby. I don’t always need to travel far to find interesting subjects to photograph, mostly my garden or the local meadows, or Stoney wood, early mornings are the best as the insects are beginning to stir and the light is good. There’s a very small fascinating world on your doorstep.
Jan-28 Selection night Ashby Camera Club A chance for members to join in and select images for our upcoming competition with Ashby Camera Club.
Feb-04 Speaker – Tesni Ward Wildlife / Peak District The UK is full of incredible wildlife & landscapes, yet we regularly think that the grass is greener on the other side. See images of some of our most charismatic animals and sweeping landscapes and find out how to make the most of what we have a stones throw from home.
Feb-11 Competition  Ashby Camera Club Time to see how we fare against our local rivals Ashby Camera Club!
Feb-18 Members’ Night A chance for members to share their images and give presentations.
Feb-25 Chris Brown Travels of India What’s sure to be a fascinating collection of images from Chris’ travels around India.
Mar-04 Competition (internal) Theme – 2020 Images that sum up your year.
Mar-11 Erica Oram The View From Here A talk about using a bit of creativity to get the best out of photographic opportunities.  Subject matter will be varied and will include landscape, architecture, details, sport and street photography.
Mar-18 Speaker – Steve Galvin How to Cheat at Photography This provocatively entitled talk allows Steven to confess his sordid kiss ‘n’ tell secrets.  He demonstrates various techniques on how to unfairly manipulate images by displaying and discussing examples to show how his more outrageous images were “manufactured”.  A lively and enjoyable evening to be had by all.  Rotten eggs and ripe tomatoes at the ready!
Mar-25 Speaker – Gavin Lake Historic Melbourne Gavin will take us through an interesting selection of images from current and past members – get ready for a trip down memory lane!
Apr-01 Speaker – Paul Stanley My Photography “My Photography – with Paul Stanley FIPF EFIAP/g” – is an ever-changing presentation of his favourite images taken over the last 6 years or so. It covers the genres of Travel, Street, Landscape, Long Exposure and Architecture images. Paul updates the presentation as he produces new images – so each time can be different.
Apr-08 Speaker – Len Metcalf Style/Voice/Look Len discusses how the search for style is often a ‘misnomer’, and tries to convince you that looks are for a series and finding your authentic voice is the most important personal goal to follow for your photography.
Apr-15 Members’ Night Another chance for members to share their images and give presentations.
Apr-22 Competition (internal) The ‘Annual’ Our last competition of the season and the ‘biggie’. Members can submit images from any genre.
Apr-29 AGM A review of the past year and a chance for members to have their say on the future of the society and elect committee members.