The Societies recent trip to Claymills Pumping Station (a restored Victorian pumping station) was a great success. Everyone said the same thing, “There’s just so much to photograph!”.

We were lucky to have the entire site to ourselves and the helpful staff were on hand to fill us in on exactly what it was we were pointing our cameras at.

The Victorian engineering is so impressive (as is the effort to restore it and keep it running) and goes far beyond just being purely functional. All that steel, brass, wood, and glass with its exquisite patina was a pleasure to photograph. I’m sure there were enough components there to make H G Wells’ Time Machine.

Talking of time, it just seemed to fly by, and after two and half hours snapping it felt like we’d barely scratched the surface; so I’m sure we’ll be back!

Thanks once again to the Claymills staff for being so helpful and to Alan for doing all the arranging.

If you’re thinking of visiting yourself their website has all the details.