Tom Tivey Memorial Trophy Results 2015

Last night saw the annual Tom Tivey Natural History & Landscape Competition take place. It was judged by Colin Lusby of Grimsby. As well as providing a balanced view on each members entries, he guided us clearly on the importance of Haddock to North East Lincolnshire. ( I will never be able to look at a cod in the same way ! )

Congratulations to Alastair Moore on being awarded the prestigious Tom Tivey Memorial Trophy for his DPI of “Misty Lakeland Day.” which received a maximum score. “This is very good for a man who claims he cant take Landscapes !”

The full scores are in the members area.

The Top Results were

Name Title Mark Result
Simon Pearce Cape Buffalo Kruger National Park 20
Alastair moore Misty Lakeland Morning 20 TT Trophy Winner
Helen Willis London Bridge at 3am 19
Paul Cooper End of the Road 19
John Wesson Lighthouse Storm Valentia 18
John Wesson Smoke on the Water 18
Simon Pearce winter mists 18
Simon Pearce Cold 18
Name Title Mark Result
Helen Willis Three Toed Sloth 16
John Wesson The Colour of Money 20
Simon Pearce Early winter morning on the Trent 20
Helen Willis Sunbittern 19
Simon Pearce Brimham Rocks 19
Ian Pettit We Return 18
John Wesson Female Stonechat on Guard 18



The DPI’s 

Cape Buffalo Kruger National Park - Simon Pearce

End of the Road - Paul Cooper

London Bridge at 3am - Helen Willis






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