Thursday 23rd October Internal Competition – Themed – Opulent

The themed competition always set a challenge to members, You might have to get into unfamiliar territory for this competition.

This year many of the members have certainly been scratching their heads as how to interpret the title. Trips to the pub and travelling too and from photographic trips have had a common theme, what are you entering ? It should be interesting to see what we have all come up with in the end.

From Google : opulent

  1. ostentatiously costly and luxurious.
    “the opulent comfort of a limousine”
    synonyms: luxurioussumptuouspalatial, lavishly appointed, lavishdeluxerich,lushluxuriantsplendidmagnificentgrandgrandiosecostly,expensivefancy;

This years competition will be judged by Alan Rowsell of Axholme Camera Club

Dont forget to get your entries in for selection evening for Nottingham Outlaws, which is being held next week


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