Thursday 22nd January 2015 – Troubleshooting Night

This open evening will cover a number of different areas. The items that are planned to be part of the evening include.

An update by the president, Ian Petit with some important areas that the membership needs to be aware of.

Alastair Moore, will be a giving a short presentation on the CPAGB experience.

Troubleshooting, bring along some pictures that you have problems with, and talk through with others the skills needed to get the best out of your picture. Alternatively bring your camera, and get some help with some aspect of using it.  It might be an idea to bring your laptop and pictures with you, or put them onto a stick.

There is planned to be a separate focus on helping those members of the club, who are wanting to improve the photography workflow, from taking pictures to getting them projected or printed. Many of us remember only too well, how confusing it is to understand how to use the controls on your camera to get the pictures you want, understand how to use tools like Photoshop elements to manipulate the images, and cut through its jargon. It will start to look at the digital workflow and helping members to learn and demystify some of the more difficult and confusing areas. If there is sufficient interest, this will form the start of a number of evening events. One of the key elements of Thursday will be to understand what areas members want to see a focus on, and start to build a programme to deliver this understanding.

There will be the opportunity to see your pictures projected on the club kit, and help you make decisions on which images to enter in the evening.

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