Thursday 14th March – Tony Davidson

Tonight we have Melbourne’s very own Tony Davidson, aka ‘Spinny birder’! I think it’s fair to say that what Tony does not know about British flora & fauna, probably isn’t worth knowing!

Tony is constantly travelling, criss-crossing the British Isles in search of rarities, Autumn and Spring is a particularly busy time when our migratory birds take to the skies. Of particular interest to Tony are those birds, species from another continent blown off course by Atlantic gales, found sitting on someone’s gate in the Scilly Isles, or maybe in the Outer Hebrides, How many people do you know, who would go all the way to the Shetlands for one day?

These days, Tony’s travels also take him a lot further. Tonight it is to Siberia, where he is in search of the SpoonbilledSandpiper, a critically endangered species that may possibly soon become extinct. Let’s hope not…

John Wesson.

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