Themed Competition Transport – 6th February 2014


At our AGM last year it was suggested and agreed that the Themed competition [Transport] should only have images submitted that had been taken between the AGM [April 2013] and the date of the competition [6th February 2014]. However as a committee we realized we have failed to communicate this message out to the membership in sufficient time, especially as we have a large number of new members who may not be aware of this decision.  The committee are therefore proposing for this particular competition that the agreed rule should be relaxed and re-instated for the next themed competition.  In order that all members are aware of the competition rules and guidelines we will be re issuing these in the next few days. Please check the website.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. This was a genuine oversight by all of the committee.

Ian Petit
Entries for the competition should be received by the Dave Bell [Competition & Exhibition Secretary] no later than Sunday 2nd Feb 2014.

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