The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE)

For those of us, who use TPE for Windows for getting sunrise and sunset times for landscape shots, there is a chance that you may have got a slight surprise when you came to use it. It has stopped working. Dont panic, it appears we should have known for a while with prominent warnings of its demise when you use the product. I for one have not seen it. Here are the details from the TPE website:

I imagine that’s why you’re now reading this page. Here’s the short version of the story and what to do next.

TPE for Desktop was built using Adobe AIR which is a variant of Flash. The maps functionality was provided by Google Maps for Flash API. Back in 2011, Google announced that it was deprecating the Flash API and that it would be turned off altogether after 3 years. That time has now come (2 Sep 2014).

The consequence of this is that the maps in TPE for Desktop will no longer work after 2 Sep 2014. Furthermore, for versions 1.1.1 and below, the user interface will be ‘frozen’ as the app waits for Google Maps to initialize (and, of course, it no longer will.)

Back in July, we announced that TPE would be changing, and made a brand new web app version available. We published two posts on prominent photography web-sites (on Digital Photography School and Light Stalking) announcing the change, and posted updates on our various social media page.

We also released an update for TPE for Desktop to v1.1.2 that included prominent announcements of the deprecation date and details on what to use instead.

That aside, there are still going to be quite a few users taken by surprise by the change. We’re sorry if you didn’t see any of the advance notices, but we hope that you’ll find moving to the new web a straightforward change.

Here is the full article on the suppliers website. click to follow:

If you want the short cut to the fix, you now use a web based application, the link is below. Save it in favorites in the web explorer, and you are working almost like before.

Its free, and it saves a huge amount of guess work in respect to taking landscape shots


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