Summer Programme Salford Quays July 27th – A Report by Lorraine

Just had a great day out at Salford Quays, along with some members from Melbourne Photographic Society.  If you have never had a go at urban street photography this is a great place to go and have a practice.  Lots of opportunity for street photography, with modern agricultural buildings, reflections displayed within the buildings and the water glistening in the quays.  All is within an easy walking distance and Saturday seems a good day to go.

The Lowry Centre will allow you to take photos with in the building so long as you sign a disclaimer form at the information desk.  The bright colours in the building, allows you an opportunity for contrast and abstract photography.

Around the quays you have several buildings and bridges with interesting shapes and curves to try your hand at, including the Imperial War Museum, one of Ian’s favourite buildings.

The light during the day was good to us.  We intended to stop until late for us to have a go at night photography but guess what, just as the sun was setting and the buildings started to display their lights the heavens opened and we had to abandoned our quest and head for home.  However, this has given us an excuse to go back again at a later date and have another go.

I expect we may see one or two of the Salford Quays photos turning up in the competitions next season.

For me this was a great opportunity to learn from other photography members how they approach their photography and I thank them for the patience, encouragement and sharing of knowledge.

The summer programme is well worth attending as it gives you the chance to get to know other members within the society and allows you to explore other forms of photography, which you may have not considered.

Thank you, Ian for planning the programme and getting us all home safely in that torrential rain.  I am looking forward to the next trip, an overnight stay in Liverpool.


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