South Kerry External Competition

Unfortunately we are not able to hold the competition with Kerry this year, although there may be opportunities to reinstate in the future.  This disappointing news leaves two holes in the programme Selection Night [19th March 2015] and the competition night [2nd April 2015]. After some brief discussion with some members we have agreed the following replacements.
Thursday 19th March 2015 – Critique Night.  This will be an opportunity for members to submit images for critique by an external assessor, helping members to gain insight into how an image can work in competition.  More details on the number of image etc to follow.
Thursday 2nd April 2015 – Internal Competition. We have a judge booked for the previously agreed competition [Ian Pinn], therefore we have replaced the external competition with Kerry with an internal competition. The results from this competition will not be taken into account for the Newcomer of the Year and Photographer of the year awards.  Members may submit any images either digital or prints up to a maximum of 3 in either format.  The only restriction is that each of the 3 images should come from a different genre of photography.
To assist with members the following is a list of genre you can find on the following website This may not be the most appropriate or comprehensive list and indeed may be in conflict with our own or other photographic organisations definition, but its a decent guide to start with.  For the purposes of this competition only, the sub heading should be considered as different genre, for example, under Nature Photography the sub headings of Landscape, Wildlife, Underwater, Seascapes and Cloudscapes would be different genre and the same would apply under Photojournalism. However we must emphasis this is for this competition only.  Have fun.

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