Society Committee Update

At the January Committee Meeting, both Gavin Lake , Vice President and Mary Garratt, Treasurer indicated that they would not be standing for re-election at the AGM in April.  Just to reassure everyone, there was nothing mysterious in this, it was a standard Agenda point,  to see who would be standing for re-election, in order that the membership know, and can consider standing, thereby ensuring continuity of the Societies committee.

It should be said that all committee posts are up for election at the AGM, so if you have a desire to contribute to a particular area, then please step forward.

It was also proposed and agreed at last nights general meeting that there would be a change to the election process. Anyone wanting to stand for a committee role should notify the President in writing / e-mail of the post they wish to stand, two weeks before the AGM. This will simplify the process and improve visibility to everyone as to who is standing for committee election. This will in effect mean that nominations will need to be received no later the end of day on the 16th April 2015.

This is a one off change, and if successful it will be proposed for incorporation into the constitution at the next review, which is set for next year.

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