Snowdrop Walk – 28th February

There is a planned walk in Dimminsdale Woods on Saturday the 28th February to view and take pictures of the snowdrops.  If you’re not aware there is a large patch of snowdrops in the wood along with other photo opportunities .  If you would like to come along we will meet in the Car Park [leave Melbourne on the Ashby Road and turn left at the junction to Calke Village. The Car Park is about 0.25 miles down this road on the left hand side] at 10.00. Please bring along good walking shoes/boots as the ground can be very muddy.  It might be a good idea to also bring along a dustbin liner type plastic bag to kneel/lie down on, as this helps to get better shots.  If the weather permits we could also extend the walk through to Staunton Harold and back with a coffee stop in the courtyard or nursery.  We’ll decide on the day.  Incidentally the snowdrops hopefully will still be in reasonable condition. If I get the chance I’ll have a look before Thursday.
Ian Pettit

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