Selection Evening – 24th October


This is the first selection evening of the season. Members not only submit images for selection for our competition with Notts Outlaws but also actively participate in selecting  the competition images to be entered in the competition.

The evening will be lead by David Bell, competition secretary.

Entries should be with Dave Bell by Thursday 17th October. 


Digital Images

File Naming: Digital images should be named as follows: tttttt by nnnnnn where tttttt is the image title and nnnnnn is the image author (e.g. A stroll in the park by Simon Hickie)

File Size: Digital images should be a maximum of 1024 pixels on the horizontal dimension and 768 pixels on the vertical dimension. Images are best submitted as 1024 x 768 pixels with black borders to fill in any missing pixels in either dimension. If your digital image ends up as 768 x 1024, you’ve got the dimensions the wrong way round!

File Type: Digital images should be submitted as maximum quality JPEG files and use the sRBG colour space.


Print Naming: Submitted print titles should be named as follows: tttttt by nnnnnn where ttttttis the print title and nnnnnn is the print author (e.g. Another stroll in the park by Simon Hickie).

Print Sizing: The overall size including mount must be no larger than 500mm by 400mm. Within the mount, there is no maximum print size, but there should be a border large enough to handle the prints easily. The recommended minimum print size is 9 inches (230mm) on the longest dimension. Mounts should have a suitable backing board to prevent ‘wobble’ and light box shine-through. Mount colour is at the discretion of the author: however, odd or clashing colours can negatively influence comments and scores.

SELECTION EVENINGS – 2013 Guidelines, subject to verification by Competition Secretary

1. Preparation

  1. All prints and PDIs must be submitted by the Thursday of the week before the selection evening.
  2. The Competition Secretary will pre-sort the prints and PDIs by genre before the selection evening.
  3. The Competition Secretary will prepare and circulate a spreadsheet containing PDI and print titles to all members.

2. Conduct

  1. The section evening will be chaired and managed by the Competition Secretary.
  2. The Competition Secretary will endeavour to provide a list of PDI and print titles 48 hours in advance of the selection evening to help members to keep track of their preferences.
  3. For each medium, the Competition Secretary will indicate the approximate number of images needed from each genre in order to achieve a balanced selection.
  4. Prints and PDIs will be presented alphabetically by name within genre.
  5. Each print and PDI will be shown for between 30 and 60 seconds, depending on the number of submissions received, and members will be asked to score each image according to the three broad sets of judging criteria.
  6. The membership, under the leadership of the Competition Secretary, will shortlist those PDIs and prints to go forward to the final selection stage. It is envisaged that the total shortlisted will be about 25% more than is needed for the final selection.
  7. All comments about images must be made through the Competition Secretary.
    1. The Competition Secretary will decide on the length of time discussion can continue on any one image or set of images.
    2. Unless we are desperately short of images, submissions which fall significantly short on any one of the three judging criteria should not be shortlisted.
    3. Once a shortlist has been produced for a medium, the number of images needed from each genre will be recalculated and members asked to agree on the final selection (typically by a show of hands)
    4. In the event of a consensus not being reached on whether an image should or should not be included in either the shortlist or the final selection, the Competition Secretary will make the final decision.
    5. All PDIs and prints must be considered. However, if at the end of the selection evening (21:55 hrs) either insufficient images have been selected, or not all images have been considered, then the Competition Secretary will make the final decision on which PDIs and prints will be selected.


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