Panel of Four Competition – 10th Jan 2019

Peter Yeo will be judging our panel of four competition. Entries need to be with Simon, Rally Secretary by the end of night Sunday 6th Jan . 

This is the an opportunity for members to tell a story in pictures, this could be a series of images from a location, or on visual theme or just a set of four images that ‘hang together well’.  As with previous competitions entries to the Competition Sec  the Sunday before the competition.  Members can enter two PDI panels of four images.

The competition is open , you choose your subjects.

DPI’s  are in the standard 1400 x 1050 sizing, with an additional image in the same size that contains a composite image that shows all four pictures together.

If you require help creating the final composite image there’s a useful guide on Tony Pedley’s website – click here.

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