4th April, Annual Competition

This event is the final competition of 2018/19 series, and all members are allowed to enter up to 3 prints and 3PDI’s into this prestigious events. There are no restrictions on subject, its up to you to decide what images you enter. Images need to be submitted to Simon no later than the end of day, 31st March 19 via email to simon@envirosafety.co.uk

See item http://melbournephotographicsociety.org.uk/entering-pictures-for-mps-competitions/


Thursday 28th March – Nempf Slideshow

Many of our members look forward to this once a year celebration of the Digital Images that have been submitted to NEMPF during the 2018/19 season. This is your chance to just sit back in the warmth of the Thomas Cook Memorial Hall, and let work of others just glide effortless before you. This is accompanied by the relaxing narration by Ashley Franklin, one time radio presenter , that describes the images in the greatest detail.

A night that offers you the opportunity to reflect on your own images and wonder if next year you can get one selected, while at the same time trying to identify images from photographers you may know.


Thursday 14th March – Tony Davidson

Tonight we have Melbourne’s very own Tony Davidson, aka ‘Spinny birder’! I think it’s fair to say that what Tony does not know about British flora & fauna, probably isn’t worth knowing!

Tony is constantly travelling, criss-crossing the British Isles in search of rarities, Autumn and Spring is a particularly busy time when our migratory birds take to the skies. Of particular interest to Tony are those birds, species from another continent blown off course by Atlantic gales, found sitting on someone’s gate in the Scilly Isles, or maybe in the Outer Hebrides, How many people do you know, who would go all the way to the Shetlands for one day?

These days, Tony’s travels also take him a lot further. Tonight it is to Siberia, where he is in search of the SpoonbilledSandpiper, a critically endangered species that may possibly soon become extinct. Let’s hope not…

John Wesson.

Thursday 21st March – Jim Hartje – My Photography – Fine Art or Creative Expression?


Photography has struggled since its inception to be recognised as a fine art. To the uninitiated it has been deemed to be merely a reproductive medium in which the end product was clear. The input of the photographer as an artist was considered as simply a technician who “operated the medium” and, in that way, produced the photograph. With the advances made in Digital Imaging and manipulation –  can photographs now be construed as art?

Originally from Surrey Jim Hartje moved to Peterborough in 1974 with a young family and got really interested in photography as they grew up. He has been a member of Peterborough Photographic Society since 1981 and he is now their Web Master. He is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, a North & East Midlands Photographic Federation Lecturer and a Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Judge. He is also the holder of the Excellence FIAP, and British Photographic Exhibition 5 Crown distinctions – through successful participation in both national & international exhibitions.

In his formative years, Jim dabbled in both monochrome & colour printing, but was more widely known for his derivative work in the darkroom in Pictorial Slides, and Natural History – with his Wide Angle Fungi shots in Habitat.

Jim has always been fascinated by computers which have now become a creative aid to his photography. He says: ‘The transition from film to digital capture now kind of gives you a second chance to get it right if you did not quite achieve that at the time of taking. I firmly believe that there is not a camera in existence that will take the perfect picture as you actually see it at the time, so there is always the need for some, if only minor, tweaking.’

Jim takes his images on Canon 35mm digital cameras and tries to break away from the rules and constraints of traditional photographs through the use of a bit of creative license. ‘My tidying up, manipulation – call it what you will – is now done mostly in PHOTOSHOP and the plethora of other associated software available, which, some might say, now takes photography to another level and could be described as Fine Art or Creative Expression.’

Having been on the list of PAGB Judges for many years, Jim gets invited to judge competitions and be a selector for Exhibitions, from your Monthly Club Competition right through to the major internationals.