Nottingham Outlaws – Thursday 13th November

The competition with Nottingham Outlaws, hosted by Melbourne proved again to be a friendly event , which was well attended and supported by both Societies. Bill Hall of Rolls Royce PS  judged the event with his blend of constructive comments and humour. I wonder how many of us are wondering how to improve our entries before the next competition !

Outlaws won both of the competitions this year. The scores are

Print Scores
MPS Total 209
NOPS Total 224
DPI Scores
MPS Total 243
NOPS Total 251

The competition was meant to be 15 prints and 15 PDI’s from each club, however, Notts Outlaws were 2 prints short. To make the competition even, it was decided that Melbourne remove 2 prints from our selection to even up the numbers. A shame really, if we had left our extra 2 in then we might have won the print competition! As it was we came a creditable second on the night.

Full results are in the Melbourne Competitions Results Page.

Next years competition is already in the diary for November 2015.



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