MPS Website Update

Our Website

There are some areas on the website that are protected by password. This allows us to post information that should only be shared with the members of the society. Every year during October or early November the password is changed over. Our Committee are updating all of the membership records when members pay their subscriptions. This new list will be used to drive the member’s only updates, including the one that will tell you that the password has changed.

In addition we are investing in increasing the size our server database and storage to handle more data, which is being created as a result of more images and items on the website.  We are presently close to running out of storage on the site.

Minutes of Committee Meetings

Once the website storage is increased, the minutes of committee meetings will be published in the members-only area. This is will be done approximately one month after the committee meets, in a draft form allowing time, for the minutes to be reviewed and corrected. These will be replaced with the final versions after they have been formally accepted at the next committee meeting.

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