Congratulations to one of the society’s members, Alastair Moore, who has recently gained the Proficiency recognition level from the Photographic Society of America (a PPSA).

A number of photographic societies around the world host an annual exhibition, open to everyone, hence their ‘international’ status.  The standards are high and having an image gain an acceptance in an international exhibition is an achievement in its own right.

By building up a number of international exhibition acceptances from different images, over time these can be converted into recognition levels from organisations such as the Photographic Society of America, FIAP (Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique) or the GPU (Global Photographic Union).

The PSA’s Proficiency level is achieved with a minimum of 288 acceptances from 96 different images.

Alastair will be presenting an introduction to exhibition photography at one of the members’ evenings in this year’s programme and will show some of the images that were included in his PPSA submission.

The featured image is called Misty Lakeland Morning and was one of those submitted by Alastair.

Relevant links: (most local international to Melbourne)