How to submit images for the website

Several members have asked how they submit images for inclusion on our website. Here is the answer

  • You images need to be sized to 800 pixels on the longest side and be in a JPG or Jpeg format . They need to be attached to an email.
  • If want to watermark your page, for copyright reasons etc, that is fine.
  • It is strongly suggested that you copyright your images in the Exif data.
  • If you want a title to appear rename the image file to the title that you want to use.
  • Make sure your name appears in the email, so I know who it is from. I don’t always know who the email address relates to.
  • Typically a gallery contains 10 to 12 Images. An event gallery would normally contain 2 or 3 images maximum from each individual.
  • Only members images will be published in the gallery. All members have the right to have a gallery on the Society website.I do not have the time to edit the images for you, so it is important that they come in the correct format. I can perhaps provide guidance and direction if you have a specific question.
  • The society retains the right to refuse to publish an image in the gallery, if it could be considered prejudicial to the Society. This would be passed to the committee to provide direction on this, before it was published.
  • If you have your own webpage, and you would prefer us to link to that we can do. Please supply the site address and an image we can use to click on link to the site. There is no reason why you cannot have a gallery page and a website link as well.
  • You need to tell me if the image is to be added to a gallery or if it is replaces your existing gallery. In addition let me know if it is for an event that has been held, rather than your personal gallery. I will assume by default that it will go into your personal gallery space.
  • It does take a bit of time to process and update the images to the gallery, and at busy times this could take up to a couple of weeks to complete.
  • Your gallery pages do not need to be static, you can update them when needed. It is perhaps a good idea to do them manually.  I might suggest you have your own website if its every month though.
  • Send your images to
If you need any further details, see me at  a meeting , Paul Cooper