Derby Photographic Trip – April 10th 2014

John Wesson and Simon Pearce have set the bar high with their contributions to the presidents challenge. They have won the race to get them in first. Please keep sending them in and I will publish them as soon as I can. Please size them 800 px on the longest side and Jpeg format please.

Later Editions of Wet Day in Derby and Red Door from the website editor, and faces and rower from Ken England, along with three images from Tony Pedley. Chris Brown has also added three more pictures. Jo Mallard, has added her pictures to the collection

River Lights, Jo Mallard
About the Weather, Jo Mallard
Just a Blur, Jo Mallard
Chris Brown, Derby Cathedral


Chris Brown, Silk Mill
Chris Brown, Bridge
Faces by Ken England
On the Way Home by Tony Pedley
By land and Water, Tony Pedley
Cathedral view by Tony Pedley

Red Door

Rower by Ken England