Themed Competition Results – Opulent – 23rd October 2014

Theses are the results from the Themed Competition : Opulent held on the 23rd October 2014, and judged by Alan Rowsell


Author Title Score Position
Alastair Moore Basilica Notre Dame Montreal 16
Brian Sutcliffe Allure 12
Chris Brown Dalis Teardrop 17
Chris Ife Gold Plated Bicycle 17
Craig Govan Church of Spilled Blood 14
Helen Willis Shanghai by Night 15
Ian Pettit Way to the Walled garden 13
Jo Mallard Drummers Done Drumming 19
John Wesson Capital Expense 18
Ken England Opulent reflected 14
Lindsey Dewis Opulent Entrance 16
Lorraine Dowell Belton Hall 12
Paul Cooper Royal Botanic 14
Simon Pearce double drive by 18
Tony Pedley Rich Tea 12
Alastair Moore Above It All 20 1
Brian Sutcliffe Mature 16
Chris Brown Gaudis Light 15
Chris Ife The Meaning Of 17
Craig Govan Opulent Buddha 14
Helen Willis Great Synagogue, Budapest 15
Ian Pettit Magnificent Elgol Boats 19 2
John Wesson In Excelsis Deo 16
Ken England Opulent reflection 15
Lindsey Dewis Look up 16
Lorraine Dowell The Bank of England 15
Paul Cooper Sumptuous Sky 17
Simon Pearce Upmarket 12
Tony Pedley Natures Riches 16
Brian Sutcliffe Shade 12
Chris Brown Marilyn 15
Craig Govan The Bund at Night 14
Helen Willis Burmese Puppets 17
Ian Pettit Looking Up 15
John Wesson Magnificat 14
Ken England Opulent1 12
Lindsey Dewis Chandelier 15
Lorraine Dowell The Library 15
Paul Cooper A Horse for a Kingdom 16
Simon Pearce candles & pearls 19 3
Tony Pedley Rich Pinks 17


Author Title Score Position
Alan May Dinner For Ten 15
Helen Willis Chinese Betrowthal 16
John Wesson The Colour Of Money 19 2
Lorraine Dowell The Dandelion Field 13
Paul Cooper Hidecote Head 18 3
Simon Pearce Keystacks At Tiffany’s 16
Tony Pedlow Derby Monolith 16
Alan May Grace Darling 14
Helen Willis Money Purses 20 1
John Wesson God In The Highest 17
Lorraine Dowell An Abundant Harvest 14
Paul Cooper Faded Glory 18
Simon Pearce Expensive Tastes 17
Alan May Craig Side 14
Helen Willis Madonna & Child 15
Paul Cooper Kelpie 17

Next Years Theme is Glass