Themed Competition “Glass” 15th October 2015

Judged By Dave Hollingsworth, Arnold and District Camera Club & Exec member of Nempf

Next Years Theme “Emphasis”

Held on 15 October 2015
2015 Themed – PDI Glass
Name Title Mark Position
Alastair Moore Plate Glass Reflection 16
Brian Sutcliffe Opportunity for Reflection 14
Chris Brown Broken from the inside 13
David Reay Golden Glow 14
Della Astle Glass Rectangles 18 3
Gavin Lake Glass explosion 16
Helen Willis No Escape 16
John Wesson Mirrored Castle 14
Julie Fletcher A Glass of Red 18 3
Ken England Krakow Glass Worker 16
Lindsey Dewis Window cleaners nightmare 15
Lorraine Dowell Bullseye Glass in Need of a Clean 14
Paul Cooper Christ in Glory 15
Phillip Nutall Ancient and Modern 18 2
Simon Hickie Good Party by Simon Hickie 16
Simon Pearce Albert Dock 15
Tony Pedley Breaking Bad 19 2
Wendy Nuttall Looking at myself 15
Alastair Moore Elizabethan Window 17
Brian Sutcliffe Wine Waiter 14
Chris Brown On the stairs 13
Della Astle Mirror Mirror 15
Gavin Lake Glass on glass 15
Helen Willis The WayUp 14
John Wesson The Shard 15
Julie Fletcher Spy Glass 16
Ken England Faced 16
Lindsey Dewis Kaleidoscope Lincoln 15
Lorraine Dowell Forgotton Bottles 16
Paul Cooper Painted Glass 15
Phillip Nutall Glass and Steel 16
Simon Hickie Old Vintage by Simon Hickie 16
Simon Pearce factory sky light 20 1
Tony Pedley Refraction 17
Wendy Nuttall Nottingham Offices 16
Alastair Moore Waiting by the Window 15
Chris Brown World Trade Centre 19 2
Della Astle Through a Glass Darkly 16
Gavin Lake The Shard 15
Helen Willis Three of a Kind 18 3
John Wesson Transparent Sea 14
Ken England Krakow Glass Worker2 16
Lindsey Dewis Polish glass blowing 15
Lorraine Dowell On the Corner of The Street 17
Paul Cooper Wet Holidasy Blues 15
Phillip Nutall Mirrored Market 17
Simon Hickie Some Panes Missing by Simon Hickie 16
Simon Pearce Is your glass half full or half empty 16
Tony Pedley Fade To Gray 19 2
Wendy Nuttall A long way from the water 13
2015 Themed – Glass Prints
Name Title Mark Position
Chris Brown City Reflection Withdrawn
Della Astle Incandescent 18 3
Gavin Lake Ten green bottles plus one! 16
Helen Willis Eggs-traordinary Mosaic 16
John Wesson Divine Light 15
Lorraine Dowell Who had the last cigar 14
Paul Cooper Smedleys Mill Skylights 18 3
Phillip Nutall Glass Blower 15
Simon Pearce Glass penguins sporting colours 16
Tony Pedley Line Them Up 16
Wendy Nuttall Belgium Beer 15
Della Astle Losing my Marbles 16
Gavin Lake Patterns in glass 16
Helen Willis Church Reflections 17
John Wesson Simon of Cyrene carries the cross 16
Lorraine Dowell Ready for the bottle wash 16
Paul Cooper Just Like Glass 15
Phillip Nutall Glass Blower 17
Simon Pearce G and T and a splash of wine 20 1
Tony Pedley Small World 15
Wendy Nuttall Old Glass, New Glass 16
Gavin Lake On glassy waters 14
Helen Willis Dereliction & Decay 16
John Wesson Light Reflections 16
Lorraine Dowell A Victorian stained glass window 16
Paul Cooper Lantern Light 16
Phillip Nutall Glass Blower 17
Simon Pearce Abandoned greenhouse melbourne 19 2
Tony Pedley Light Fusion 16
Wendy Nuttall Bruges Sculpture 15