Notts Outlaws Results 12th November 2015

2015 Notts Outlaws Results
12th November 2015 at Notts Outlaws
Judge : Bob Rowe
Title Author Score
Incandescent Della Astle 17
Sunbittern Helen Willis 18
A Place oF Pilgrimmage Ian Pettit 16
Relection In The Window Chris Brown 15
On Reflection Della Astle 17
Lesser Pied Cormorant Gavin Lake 17
The Busker Helen Willis 17
Forecast Showers Ian Pettit 16
Abandoned Black Valley Cottage Simon Pearce 17
Don’t Look Down Chris Brown 14
Three’s a Crowd Della Astle 19
St Pancras Helen Willis 16
Escaping The Rain Ian Pettit 17
On The Point Paul Cooper 17
Early Winters Morning On The Trent Simon Pearce 19
Title Author Score
The Chase Alastair Moore 16
Holkham Beach Helen Willis 17
Ramshaw Retrospective Paul Cooper 15
Drawn To The Cross Simon Pearce 18
The Racing Line Alastair Moore 18
Legoland Offices Chris Brown 15
New Brighton Lighthouse Helen Willis 17
Ready For The Off Ian Pettit 17
August Storm Pittenween Paul Cooper 16
Liverpool Waterfront Simon Pearce 15
Teasel Dawn Tony Pedley 19
Misty Lakeland Morning Alastair Moore 19
Church Sunset Ian Pettit 19
Brodgar Sunset Paul Cooper 17
The Spider House Tony Pedley 15