Melbourne vs Ashby External Competition Results – 23rd Jan 2014


2014 Ashby V Melbourne DPI
Held on 23 January 2014 In Display Sequence
Club OrigName Title Score
Ashby. Steve Andrews Belting it out 14
Melbourne. Alastaire Moore ARTIST AT WORK 15
Ashby. Brian Botham Chair 14
Melbourne. Alastaire Moore BURNING RUBBER 18
Ashby. Nigel Shaw Deep in Thought 15
Melbourne. Alastaire Moore CLOSE RACING 15
Ashby. Ian Peterson Dog sledding 13
Melbourne. Alastaire Moore DIFFERENCE OF SCALE 20
Ashby. Bill Allsopp Evening Storm Flamborough Head 12
Melbourne. Simon Pearce LAST TANGO IN BROAD HEAVEN 14
Ashby. Ian Peterson Facade Birmingham 13
Melbourne. Simon Pearce NEW YEAR STORM 15
Ashby. Steve Andrews New Brighton Lighthouse 12
Melbourne. John Wesson Pass the Salt 14
Ashby. Brian Botham Nuthatch 17
Melbourne. Helen Willis Polar Bear Reflection 17
Ashby. Ros Barber One man and his dog 14
Melbourne. Alastaire Moore STRETCHED SURFACES 16
Ashby. Andy Holland Otter Lutra Lutra 15
Melbourne. Simon Pearce THE ASCENT OF MAN 14
Ashby. Bill Allsopp Robin in Frost 16
Melbourne. Simon Pearce VERTIGO 14
Ashby. Sally Thearle Shopping Day 12
Melbourne. Lorraine Dowell Goblet of Fire 11
Ashby. Brian Botham Speed Two 15
Melbourne. Chris Brown Red Kite Diving 19
Ashby. Steve Andrews Tank Commander 16
Melbourne. Alastaire Moore SAILING ON GOLDEN GATE BAY 16
Ashby. Bill Allsopp Two by Two 15
Melbourne. John Wesson The Piano 13

Print Scores 

Club Image Name Score
Ashby Red arrows wannabe 15
Melbourne Over the top 17
Ashby River Nidd reflections 14
Melbourne Missed the boat 15
Ashby Shipwreck 14
Melbourne Harvest mouse 14
Ashby Mr Jones 16
Melbourne Crossing in the rain 15
Ashby Limestone pavement 16
Melbourne Bowlers window 15
Ashby Wild rose 15
Melbourne The view within 18
Ashby Yellow steps 14
Melbourne Seed head 14
Ashby Hi tech hobos 17
Melbourne Trapped 19
Ashby Day liliy cool it 13
Melbourne Finely balanced 12
Ashby The dark peaks 15
Melbourne The sunbeam 16
Ashby Defence of kirby muxloe 11
Melbourne Ghosts 15
Ashby Horse power 20
Melbourne Breitling wing walkers 15
Ashby Two across 17
Melbourne Skellig storm 16
Ashby Buttermere 14
Melbourne Liverpool blur 1 13
Ashby Dividing line 13
Melbourne The cradle and cyclist 14

Overall Scores

Ashby Melbourne Diff.
DPI 213 231 18
Prints 224 228 4
Totals  437 459 22