Annual Competition 6th April 2017

These are the results from the Annual Competition judged by Ralph Duckett of Burton Photographic Society. There was a superb turnout by the membership, and the judge commented on the high standard of our entries.

In summary the top three in each section were

Winter Walk (Jennifer) 1
Fog on the Tweed (Paul) 2
Waiting Patiently (Helen W) 3
Lighthouse (Simon) 1
Early Morning Rowing Practice (Helen W) 2
Accentuate the Curves (Helen W) 3

Congratulations to both Jennifer and Simon for their success.

The detailed results are: 

Annual Competition PDI

6th April 2017
No Print Title Result
1 Determination (Alastair) HC
2 Old Bridge (Brain)
3 Starry Starry Night (Chris) C
4 Sunset in the Maldives (Della)
5 Poppy (Helen G)
6 Early Morning Rowing Practice (Helen W) 2
7 Last Post (Jennifer)
8 Moonlight Wreck (John W)
9 Bamburgh Castle (John Z)
10 Wanaka Autumn Colours (Lindsey)
11 Waiting for a Sale (Lorraine)
12 Pilgrims Way (Paul)
13 Lakeland Light (Simon) C
14 Gods Country (Tony B)
15 Poppy Sunset (Tony P)
16 Dragster Power (Alastair)
17 Peaks & Troughs (Brain)
18 Through the Trees (Chris)
19 The Swamp (Della)
20 Red Kite in Flight (Helen G) C
21 Accentuate the Curves (Helen W) 3
22 Sea Wall (Jennifer)
23 Photographers Snapped (John W)
24 Lone Tree (John Z)
25 Antelope Canyon (Lindsey)
26 Does my bum look big is this (Lorraine)
27 Recycling Lindisfarne Style (Paul)
28 Lighthouse (Simon) 1
29 Stag in Velvet (Tony B)
30 The Arts Tower (Tony P)
31 Apache in Action (Alastair) C
32 Streamlines (Brain)
33 The light on Christ (Chris) HC
34 Cheeky Mouse (Della)
35 Road to Nowhere (Helen G)
36 Sphere of Influence (Heleb W) C
37 Whitby Pier (Jennifer)
38 Rain in the West (John W) HC
39 Tower Bridge at Dawn (John Z) HC
40 Monumental Landscape (Lindsey)
41 The Poor Man’s Bed (Lorraine)
42 Winter in Lumsdale (Paul)
43 Winter Mist at Calke (Simon) HC
44 Stairs (Tony B) HC
45 The Bandstand (Tony P)


C – Commended
HC – Highly Commended

Annual Competition Prints

6th April 2017
No Print Title Result
1 Waiting for God (Tony P)
2 Number 44 Takes takes Bend (Helen G) HC
3 Bridge to Nowhere (Paul)
4 Terry’s Bell (John W) C
5 Winter Walk (Jennifer) 1
6 Jumping – but not for joy (Helen G)
7 Back Street (John Z)
8 Pre-dawn at Marloes Sands (Simon) C
9 Spring Time Hyacinth (Lorraine)
10 Potting Shet (Della)
11 Dead, Drunk or Admiring the View (Helen W) HC
12 To Let (Della)
13 Snow Time at Tutbury Castle (Lorraine)
14 Hillsborough Remembered (Chris)
15 The Die is Cast (Tony P)
16 Human River (Simon)
17 Sitting Pretty (John W)
18 Submarine rock at sunrise (Jennifer) HC
19 Whitby Ruin (John Z)
20 Golden Shower (Lorraine)
21 Lone Tree in the Mist (Simon) HC
22 Fog on the Tweed (Paul) 2
23 Kingfisher looking for prey (Helen G) C
24 Tranquillity (Chris)
25 Decent of the Chimneys (Della)
26 Foggy Morning at Spittle Beach (Helen W) C
27 Blossom (Tony P)
28 Cromane Dawn (John W)
29 Waterwheels (Chris)
30 Wharf Ladder (Jennifer)
31 Morecombe Bay Ripples (Paul)
32 Waiting Patiently (Helen W) 3
33 Three’s a crowd (John Z)