Annual Competition 23rd April 2015

Judged by Hazel Manning on 23rd April 15


2015 Annual Print
OrigName Title Mark
Alan May Fire In Winter 15
Chris Brown New World Trade Centre Reflection 19  =3
Della Astle Spring Cascade 16
Gavin Lake Ironman 14
Helen Willis Gossip & Grafitti 19 =3
Ian Pettit The Gardner 18
John Wesson The Sacred Heart 18
Lindsay Dewis Miss Diasy 14
Paul Cooper Becalmed 13
Phillip Nutall Lobster Pots, Staithes 15
Simon Pearce Early Winters Morning On Trent 19 =3
Tony Pedley Raindrops & Roses 16
Wendy Nuttall London Lighting 14
Alan May Sleeping In Winter 13
Chris Brown 6th Avenue, New York 17
Della Astle On Reflection 20 =2
Gavin Lake Downtown Freo 17
Helen Willis Sunbittern 17
Ian Pettit Echo’s Of The Past 19  =3
John Wesson Mother Mary 16
Paul Cooper On The Point, Humphrey Head 17
Phillip Nutall North York Moors 15
Simon Pearce Midwinter Sunset At Brimham Rocks 20 * 1st
Tony Pedley The Thaw 15
Wendy Nuttall Neglected Door 15
Alan May Calke Abbey 14
Gavin Lake 33.000 Tons On The Move 15
Helen Willis Rush Hour In Krakow 18
Ian Pettit All Alone 20 =2
John Wesson Skellig Light 16
Paul Cooper Death Becomes Her 14
Phillip Nutall Floating Market Boat Woman 16
Simon Pearce Isolation 18
Tony Pedley Innocence 15
Wendy Nuttall Lobster Pots OR Take Your Pick 14
2015 Annual DPI
OrigName Title Mark
Alastair Moore The Chase 16
Chris Brown Feeding Pigeons 16
Chris Ife Sunset on Stanton Moor 13
Della Astle Mountain Lake 16
Gavin Lake A Space Odyssey 17
Helen Willis Polar Bear With Seal 15
Ian Pettit Jurassic Sunset 17
Jo Mallard Mustava Cuppa 15
John Wesson Oyster Catchers 15
Lindsay Dewis Hidden Lighthouse 14
Lorraine Dowell How Fast Can I go 14
Paul Cooper Ramshaw Retrosepective 18
Phillip Nutall Moroccan Window 15
Rod Mattock Look out tower 14
Simon Pearce Lonely winter walk 19 =3
Tony Beginn Brothers in Arms 14
Tony Pedley the new dawn 17
Wendy Nuttall Arches at La Mola 16
Alastair Moore Misty Lakeland Morning 20 *1st
Chris Brown Top of the Rock 17
Chris Ife The charge at the start 15
Della Astle Noisy Neighbour 18
Gavin Lake Two Hearts in Paradise 17
Helen Willis Left to Right Or Right to Left 16
Ian Pettit Silver Man 15
Jo Mallard Spinnaker Tower 17
John Wesson Long Wheel Base 16
Lindsay Dewis Through the arches 17
Lorraine Dowell Melbourne Hall 15
Paul Cooper August Storm Pittenween 18
Phillip Nutall The Long Room 16
Rod Mattock Nature’s colours 13
Simon Pearce kissing tulips 19 =3
Tony Beginn Gerberas 15
Tony Pedley electric Blue 16
Wendy Nuttall Moroccan craftsmanship 14
Alastair Moore The Racing Line 16
Chris Brown Reflections on a Sunny Day 16
Chris Ife Have a look through here 15
Della Astle Ready for my Close-up 17
Gavin Lake Battersea Kaleidoscope 16
Helen Willis Holkham Beach 17
Ian Pettit Underneath the lamplight 13
Jo Mallard Wearisome View 17
John Wesson Smoke on the Water 18
Lindsay Dewis double vision 14
Lorraine Dowell Open all Hours 15
Paul Cooper End of the Road 16
Phillip Nutall Two Chairs 15
Rod Mattock Spring sun 14
Simon Pearce liverpool spring shower 19 =3
Tony Beginn Impressions of a Sunflower 16
Tony Pedley Propellor Running 20 2nd
Wendy Nuttall View up the lighthouse 18