5 March 15 – Panel of Four

The competition was judged by John Anfield of Rushcliffe PS. There were 10 entries for the prints, and 11 entries for the DPI. The judge commented about the high standard of the entries, and how the final decision was difficult to make.

Phillip Nuttall won the DPI event with Moroccan Windows, which John Wesson won the Prints with Abandoned Ireland, in a closely fought competition with Ian Pettit.

The full results are as follows

Gavin Lke A life on the yoga wave 15
Helen Willis A Quiet Day On Cromer Pier 18
Ian Pettit Age of Steam 16
John Wesson Dacias 19
Lindsey Dewis Textures 17
Lorraine Dowell Array of Rooftops 15
Paul Cooper Crossing the Forth 17
Phillip Nuttall Moroccan Windows 20
Simon Pearce They Said It Would Never Last 17
Tony Pedley Giants Of Power 17
Wendy Nuttall Look Up 17
Chris Brown New York, New York 18
John Wesson Abandoned Ireland 20*
Simon Pearce In With The Herd 17
Ian Pettit Streets of Saltaire 20
Helen Willis St Pancra 19
Ken England Mallory Park Cycling 16
Wendy Nuttall Coloursof Marakesh 16
Phillip Nuttall The Maheno, Fraser Island 18
Paul Cooper Last Posts 14
Tony Padley Four Left Over 17