Members Night – The photographers Ephemeris [TPE]

The photographers Ephemeris [TPE] comes in a number of different offerings all found through


Originally a UK developed product, but is now broadened to a joint effort UK & US , marketed through the US .  Three manifestations:

  1. Free browser version which needs a free app downloading – this I will show you tonight
  2. Android, for phone or tablet , and as of this morning, it was priced at £4.08 ($) version 2.2 needed
  3. Apple IOS version, £6.99   version 8 needed

The paid versions have considerably more functionality, including being able to see the position of the stars and milky way highly effectively

All have huge amounts of help text and forums and for the real solar and lunar geeks you can disappear into untold masses of discussion which seem a little like the pages of the unseen university in discworld.

Set-up, go to the site and install the APP , simple straightforward and quick

It seems to work on most current browsers these days. Its been tested on

  • Safari 7.0.5, 7.0.6
  • Firefox 30.0, 31.0, 32.01
  • Chrome 36.0.1985.125, 37.0.2062.122
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Opera 22.0

There is a quick start guide to download which makes life very simple