Melbourne Photographic Goes Global !

This year for the first time MPS undertook a photographic weekend trip to
Budapest. The trip was deemed a success by the participants and therefore
another trip is planned for next year.

The date for next year’s trip is w/e 6th March 2015. This may consist of
Friday through Monday or Saturday through Tuesday depending on the city to
be visited and the flights. The options are limited flying from East
Midlands and all involve flying with Ryanair.

The options are:
1. Riga, Latvia – flight out Friday, back Monday
2. Milan, Italy – flight out Saturday, back Tuesday
3. Krakow, Poland – flight out Saturday, back Tuesday

All of the above flights are CURRENTLY approx £100 return. I have not looked
at accommodation at this stage until I know the preferred destination.

Can anyone who is interested in this trip please let me know via email. At
the same time please let me know your preference of destination by ranking
the 3 cities in your preferred order. Once all interested parties
preferences have been received then the choice of destination will be
decided. Remember, that even if you have visited a city before it is still
worth visiting again with a photographer’s eye….

Anyone interested should let me know by 20/11/15.

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