Melbourne Carnival – Saturday 8th July – Assistance Required.

We are coming up to the First exhibition of the year – The Melbourne Carnival on Saturday 8th July.

This gives us our chance to promote the club and show off our work, to improve local awareness and to help gain new members.

To make sure this runs smoothly we need club members to volunteer their time (1 – 2 hours) to assist with this exhibition.  Again, we have been requested to man the gates, we really need some more members to volunteer. Manning the gates is a worthwhile job, as a club we receive a cash award for doing this role that goes towards our annual fund raising.  We are looking for the following:-

  1. To help set the stand between 9:30 – 11:30hrs.
  2.  To man the stand between 12:00 – 17:00hrs
  3. To man the Main Gate 12:00 – 14:00hrs
  4.  To man back gate 14:00-16:00hrs
  5. Then dismantle the stand after 17:00hrs and return boards etc to Thomas Cook hall.

We also need you to submit your images to display. We are arranging a collection of your prints at Harpers on Thursday 6th July at 21:00hrs.  If you cannot make it to Harper’s you can please let me know by email and bring them on the morning of the exhibition. Please contact me at the following e-mail address ( or Paul ( with your offers of help so that I can plan the day.

Jennifer Zahorodnyj, Exhibition Secretary

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