Melbourne Carnival 12th July


I’m your new Exhibitions Secretary.  Early days, but I’m hoping to get the hang of it without making too many blunders in the meantime.

So, obviously I need your help.

My first call to arms is for Melbourne Carnival on 12th July 2014.  As usual it will take place on the playing field of Melbourne Junior School, on Packhorse Road in Melbourne, and will be open to the public from midday to 5pm.

Please let me know if you can be available for any or all of the following:-

a)     setting up (time to be confirmed)

b)     manning (or womanning) the exhibition marquee

c)     dismantling (around 5pm)

We are planning to offer card sales on the day, and so that option is available to members who want to sell their own cards in the normal way.

Also, as me and my van will be in Huddersfield where I have a commitment to work that day, we also need vehicles which can accommodate and transport the various equipment from Thomas Cook Memorial Hall to the venue and back again.  Please let me know if you can help with that.

And finally, would you be able to provide mounted prints for displaying at the Carnival exhibition.

Thanks in anticipation (and a little trepidation),

Jo Mallard.

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