John Wesson, Belgian TV Star

I was asked to take part in the programme (A Dutch ‘Coast’?) back in June, having been recommended by the manager of the Skellig Experience Centre. My first reaction was no thank you not me! Pressure from Wendy and our girls and I had to say yes…

Our camera man Tom flat out ( he took that camera everywhere, pub, restaurant, loo! Way too expensive to leave in the van!)!), & Tina the little soap starlet fast asleep!



The film crew were a great crowd, and I think genuinely interested in my work, emails back and forth! Bill & Tina are from the top Dutch/Belgian soap opera. Smashing folks and very helpful, Bill has one of my pics (of him & skelligs) on his living room wall.

The best thing was we had the place to ourselves, no tourists and evening light! out there until 9pm. Special permission of course. A few days later Star Wars was being filmed out there, very controversial!!

To see the film goto :

Reports & Pictures by John Wesson

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