Ian Hamilton-Smith Course “Driving your DSLR” Special Offer for MPS members

The Petal Power one-day course titled “Driving your DSLR” is intended for those that are fairly new to digital photography, bought a camera and are mystified by all the buttons and functions that is built into their machine. It can also be of use to those not so new that have never really bothered to go into the menu in any depth. I cover everything from basic theory of how a Dslr works through the aperture triangle and its components and onto all the switches and indicators found in todays camera. We also spend quite some time on “Shooting Modes”, “Camera Modes”, Metering Modes on to EV compensation and White Balance. All of these are dealt with in depth without an overuse of technical jargon. As we cover each segment we break for up to 15 minutes to permit the attendees to go and practice that which has just been demonstrated and by the end of the day all should gel into knowledge with a certain amount of familiarity. The number of attendees is strictly limited to 12 in order to allow every attendee to have as much attention as he/she requires

Lunch is served and we can cater for many differing dietary needs as long as we know the requirements. Tea/Coffee is more or less on tap.

All of the above for members of camera clubs for only £50.00 (non members £75.00). I do this because I passionately believe in Camera clubs.

The next dates are Sunday 1st November and Monday 2nd November to be held at the New Hall to the rear of Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall where parking is plentiful. The day starts at 09.15 to allow for registration and will finish at around 4.30 in the afternoon. It is not an easy day but a very rewarding day and I can promise that attendees will go home knowing an awful lot more about their camera than when they arrived.

All that attendees need bring is their camera, a notepad and pen so that they can make notes relevant to them and if possible their camera manual.

In the first instant they should contact myself on shepshed@hotmail.com giving me their contact details and I will contact them to answer any and all questions that arise. Space is limited therefore the earlier the contact the better.

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