Exhibitions 2013

Our summer programme of exhibitions starts in the next few weeks with the Melbourne Carnival on the 13th July, followed by Melbourne Hall on the 10th & 11th August and finally the Melbourne Arts Festival on the 14th & 15th September.

Its a wonderful opportunity tor members to exhibit their work to a large number of people and to meet and discuss their images. We usually attract good interest, especially at the Arts Festival where in the past two years we’ve seen over 800 visitors each year.

We would like to see work from a wide range of members irrespective of experience or length of membership. A good range and variety always attracts interest.

We will again be displaying the images from the workshop undertaken with Melbourne Junior School.

If you would like to exhibit you need to contact Dave Bell to book space. Dave I’m sure would also like to hear from willing volunteers to help set up, take down and man the exhibitions. You can contact Dave via the contact page on the website or if you have it direct via e-mail or phone.

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