Digital Processing Workshop 10th July 2014

Its with regret that I write to inform you the Digital Processing Workshop planned for the Thursday 10th July 2014 will have to be cancelled due to the lack of an available venue.

Once we had received sufficient interest to run the workshop, a couple of weeks ago, I tried to book the Thomas Cook Memorial Hall only to be made aware that the Hall would not be available for bookings between the 5th & 19th July.

I have made a number of attempts to book the Melbourne Assembly Rooms, unfortunately having left a number of messages they have not returned my calls. I therefore feel it would be leaving it too late to notify everyone if I still tried to book the Assembly rooms and they were not available or I failed to receive a response.

I will attempt to re book this event in the near future as we had a number of members & guests interested. Apologise to disappoint you all.

Ian Petitt


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