Thursday 8th March – Erica Oram – Moments in Time

The title, ‘Moments in Time’ refers to my limited opportunities for photography, having to weave my photographic opportunities into the rest of my life, grabbing ‘moments in time’ and using a more spontaneous approach to photography, seeing photographic potential in less obvious places.  Subject matter is mainly landscape, urban details and street photography. I particularly enjoy images which evoke a mood, tell a story or provoke a question. I use digital manipulation to add to the mood and to direct the eye of the viewer to recreate the image that I ‘saw’ when I initially made the image, which may not have been the image which was actually there.

Erica is a member of the Gamma Photoforum and details of her work can be found there.

Members Night, Thursday 26th October

This is the first members night of the season. We are presently looking for members to come forward with content, for this your evening. This has in the past covered such area as  Critique, Presentation, Talks, Technique, Advise etc. You may have an Idea of what you want to present, or a thought about what you would like to see. Ideas please to Paul Cooper or Ian Pettit.

So far we have offers for

  • Drone Photography – Steve Fairbrother
  • Coast  to Coast Bike Rides – Chris Brown & John Zahorodnyj
  • Getting the most from Facebook, Tony Pedley & Wendy Nuttall
  • Five Years of Calke, Lorraine Dowell
  • Della Astle
  • Gavin Lake, Slides on his favourite subject