Christmas Party – Thursday 21st December


This years Christmas Party is at the Kings Newton Bowls Club on Packhorse Road Melbourne for Dec 21st.  We are trying a new format. Due to restrictions at the Thomas Cook Hall, we are not supposed to consume alcohol on the premises. We have located another venue in Melbourne, that caters for up to 40 people, and has a paid bar etc.  Like previous years, this is an open night, so that you can bring your spouse with you, if you choose.

We are going to do our own catering this year. The plan is to use the same tried and tested process we have for home competition nights, where the members contribute food for the event. The society will also supply some of the catering as well. These items will include.

Olives Dressing
Biscuits for Cheese Mince Pies & Cream
Sliced French Stick Disposable Plates & Spoons
Wholemeal Bread Crisps
Butter Tortilla / Tacho’s
Low Fat Spread Nibbles

One or two members have pointed out that on occasions on competition nights we have ended up with a pile of the same food left over. To try and alleviate this we have put together a list of items that we would like you to take off the list, select and bring with you. As some simple guidance, assume that you are catering for 6- 8 people in terms of your contribution.  The list will include the following items. The master list will be with Alan, on the door, and just mark off the item(s) that you want to bring to the night.

Sandwiches – Cheese , Tuna, Egg, Ham , Turkey / Chicken…. Salad – Green
Dips & Sliced Veg Salad Tomatoes , Cucumber, Onion
Falafel Coleslaw or Similar
Samosa Salami / Mixed Continental Meats
Pakora Cheese, Free Choice
Vegetable Bhaji Quiche
Cheese Straws Pork Pie
Cooked Pizza Cocktail Sausages
Humous Sausage Rolls or Similar
Sweet Food Selection- Tray bakes , flapjack Cakes
Other, Let us know what you are bringing please

There is off road parking available for those who wish to drive.

A bar will be provided Tollgate ale on tap plus other bottled beers and larger, wines and sprits at competitive prices. (so I am told) The club should be decorated for Christmas but they will give us access prior to the event if we wish to decorate the club house for our evening in case we would like to add our own theme. We are planning to make this a social night, and there will be some simple games etc.

Lorraine has asked if members of the society can supply a picture of themselves as a baby or toddler for the Christmas social as a bit of fun.  Could call it Who’s Who or something like that.  If you could ask them to e-mail to by no later than 14th December.

Any questions, please let us know

Members Night, 4th January 18

We return for the seasonal break, to the first members night of the season. As normal this is open to the membership to make a short presentation on a subject of their choice.  This could be anything from your own audio-visual presentation, to a presentation on your favourite subject, to a talk on your favourite area of photography.    You might have something you want to understand more about, or skills you want to learn. We can always see if we can find someone to cover that area, given enough notice.

Your offers and suggestions would be appreciated to make this evening a success. Please contact Paul Cooper if you want to participate.

Swarkstone Exhibition 21st – 22nd October

We are coming up to the final exhibition of the year.  This is the first time we have exhibited at Swarkestone Garden Centre and we are hoping  that this will be a great success..

To ensure things run smoothly I am asking the membership for some help.  If you can give an hour of your time on either the Saturday or Sunday that would be wonderful, plus we need some help with setting up on Friday afternoon and taking down on Sunday afternoon. We won’t need to have more than one or two people at any one time as there isn’t a Tombola to run.  We have some members selling merchandise who will be there for most of the weekend.

Please can you let me know if you are available to help. My email is

  Friday Set Up Saturday Sunday
12.00-1.00   Jennifer Z, John Z  
3.00-4.00 Jennifer Z, John Z, Lorraine, Ian, Alan    
4.00-5.00     Jennifer Z, John Z

Kind Regards,


‘What is Photography About.’ Paul O’Flanagan – Thursday 5th October

Paul O’Flanagan will be tackling one of those area that a times causes many questions for us, as we develop our skills as a photographer, namely  the craft of photography and  creativity. This seems to be an area that causes great anxiety due to misunderstanding.

Paul’s website, will be found at,

Melbourne Photographic – Whats On

How to Session, 28th Sept 2017

This week’s “How To” Session is based around how to prepare pictures for competitions , and covers all the basics throughout the cycle from cropping, printing and mounting, through to what competitions are all about.  How this all hangs together can sometimes be fairly confusing for many photographers ( Me included ! ) , and the idea is to demystify this, and make this accessible to everyone.

It’s a useful point for all of the members to get some new ideas of how this is done, and the talk is being delivered by some of our most experienced members.

At the end we are going to make the awards for the 2016-17 season, delayed from the Annual Dinner.

The Agenda is

  • Overview and Preparation of Images       Helen – 20 Mins
  • Printing   & Mounting                                     Ian  Practical 30 – 45 Mins
  • So what’s competitions all about               Simon  - 15 Mins
  • 2017 Awards                                                    10 – 15  Minutes

As normal we meet at the Thomas Cook Memorial Hall [TCMH] starting at 7:30 pm. We hope to see you there

Up Coming Events

5th Oct 17 Thursday
19.30 – 22.00
What is Photography About Paul looks at the craft of photography before moving on to creativity. This seems to be an area that causes great anxiety due to misunderstanding. Paul O’Flannagan
12th Oct 17 Thursday
19.30 – 22.00
Internal Competition – Themed [Monochrome] Our themed competition topic in Monochrome. Images must be taken in the past 12 months. Members can submit 3 prints and 3 digital images. Full guidance and competition rules available on the Society Website. Ralph Bennett
19th Oct 17 Thursday
19.30 – 22.00
Peak District Landscapes A selection of digital images through the seasons in the Peak District Stephen Elliott

Welcome Night , Thursday 21st September 17      

Thank you to everyone who came along on Thursday night , both potential new members along with existing society members. It was the most tremendous turnout for the first night of the season, and great to see so many new faces. We look forward to meeting you again in the coming weeks.