Forthcoming Fundraising Events

Hello everyone,
                         Mary, Lorraine and I are organising four events between now and April in our role as The Fund Raising Sub-Committee. We approach you yet again with our begging caps asking for your support! Our first fund raising evening is on Friday 10th October when we are holding a Barn Dance at the Melbourne Assembly Rooms at 7.00pm for 7.30pm. There will be an evening of jigs, reels and dances with music by The Derbyshire Ranters Ceilidh Band and caller Jane Squire. Tickets are £15 and include a light supper and we have a licensed bar. MPS members are able to purchase two tickets at a twenty per cent discount. Members may purchase tickets from Mary, Lorraine or I. Non-members can also purchase tickets from Forteys, 2,Market Place, Melbourne or by telephoning 01332 863522 or e-mailing info@melbourne assembly
Would you be able to help with the following please?:
  • Place posters in your locality or workplace.
  • Spread the word to your friends, colleagues and relatives.
  • Provide an item for the raffle we will be running.
Posters will be available from Jo Mallard at The Festival and from Mary, Lorraine and I when meetings resume. Alternatively let me know and I will get some to you.
If you are able to donate to the raffle please bring your prize to a meeting and leave with Mary, Lorraine or I.
Many thanks in anticipation,
Kind regards,
Other fund raising dates for your diary:
22nd November – Coffee Morning and Print Exhibition, Thomas Cook Hall 9am – 1pm.
27th February 2015 – ‘An evening with Charles Hanson’, Melbourne Assembly Rooms, 7.30pm – 10.00pm.
18th April 2015 – Afternoon Cream Teas and Print Exhibition, Thomas Cook Hall, Mid-day – 5pm.

Benefits of Membership

As a committee we have a keen interest in providing members with a range of benefits as part of their membership subscription in addition to the list below.

Recently the committee has agreed to offer free or subsidized fee’s for certain events, where all members have access. For example we will not be charging members for the booking fee to the East Midlands Aeropark photography evening. There will be a charge for the BBQ and an admission fee for non-members.

A number of fund raising events are held throughout the year and we are now offering members discounted admission to these events. Members will be able to purchase a maximum 2 tickets at a discount of 20%.  Further discounts may be offered for members who assist with the running of the event, although numbers will be restricted. These discounts will be agreed on an individual event basis.

As a member you can purchase through the Society photographic mount boards and cutting at significantly lower prices than are commercially available.

We will continue to explore ways to offer members increased benefits. Including the purchase of group admission prices for visits where we have sufficient numbers.

Ian Pettit, President 

Website Updates

There have been a few changes to the website in recent days that may be of interest to visitors to the site.

Next season’s programme has been added to the site and can be reached by following this link.  It still needs a few finalisations to take place, but is very largely complete.

Details of the Training and Education has been added as a new page, including the “Improving your holiday pictures” course being run by the society. It also includes details society members who run training and tutorials. The link is here. This is a new menu item and will remain as a source of training information to members. Any contributions from members on hints and tips will be happily received.

The internal competition rules for the society, that were verified and adopted at the AGM are included in the competition informations pages. This can be viewed by following the link here  

Details of the Awards Dinner and Chellaston Carnival have been sent out to members by email. They can also be found on the events page

If you have not been included in the members emails that are sent out, please send your details to Paul Cooper by email. You will then be added to the database for inclusion in further mailings. Email your name and details to

Gavin has made a request for assistance with fund raising events.  They have been updated on the Fund Raising page. These details can be found here 

The request for images following the recent evening tour of Derby has been so successful that we are going to move these to the Galleries pages. So rather than this been an individuals gallery, they will be an events gallery as well . It has not been done yet, but will be done within the next few days. Please continue submitting your images if you want. Each events pictures will start life on the home page, and after several weeks events ( and the webmaster remembering !) will migrate to the galleries page. Details are here 

Details of how to submit images for inclusion on the website have been added to the Galleries page, to provide members with guidance as to what is required.   Details are here 

Over the coming weeks you may see a new menu item called sandbox appear on occasions. This is a testing areas being used by the webmaster to add new functionality to the website. It is always best to test these things first after all. Feel free to have a look, and comment, but anything in here is a work in progress, and for many reasons may never make the website.

During the summer any members in the vicinity of Melbourne tend to get together on a Thursday evening from 08:30 – 09:00 pm onwards at Harpurs on an informal basis for a chat and a beer or so. See you there, from this Thursday onwards. ( and no subs either, but you have to get your own chocolate biscuits !)

Several outstanding bugs and link errors have been fixed as well. You can now reach Steve Bonds website for instance.