Derby Photographic Society Competition – 12th & 15th March


Competition Nights. These are two legged events , with an away session on a monday night, followed by a home session on the Thursday night. Please attempt to attend both if you can.

12th Mar 18 Monday 19.30-22.00 Eborn House, Leylands Estate, Broadway, Derby, DE22 1AY External Competition Derby PS [Away] This will be the away leg of our two leg competition with Derby Photographic Society.
15th Mar 18 Thursday
19.30 – 22.00
External Competition Derby PS [Home] This will be the home leg of our two leg competition with Derby Photographic Society. Bill Hall

Details of how to find Derby Photographic Society will be found on their website

Another busy night on our home leg, and one that will need assistance from the members, setting up early and assisting the competition secretary where needed. Again assistance with setting up the room from 06:45 pm would be greatly appreciated. If members can bring a small contribution of something savoury or sweet for the evening’s catering it would be much appreciated,

See you there


Ashby Photographic Competition – Thursday 8th February

Competition Night, Thursday 8th February, Thomas Cook Memorial Hall 

Judged by Steve Myall

In a tightly run competition between the two societies, MPS won the digital images and Ashby the prints. The difference between the two was one point in favour of Ashby.


Prints Digital Total

Phone Camera Competition 11 Jan 2018

In this very well supported competition, judged by Peter Yeo, with  60 entries the top two places were taken by Chris Findon with 2 x 20 scores. Well done Chris, your second competition entry I believe.

The top scores with 19 & 20 are :

No Print Title Score
4 Jellyfish – Chris F 20 1st
17 Liverpool Reflection – Simon 19
23 Abstrect q-park – Chris F 20 2nd
31 Deserted Dublin – Paul 19
41 Sundown – John W 19
48 Gas Street Basin – Tony P 19
59 The Violin School – Simon 19

The full results will be found in the competition results in the members area


Camera Phone Competition – Thursday 11th January 2018

Members can enter up to 4 images taken since the Melbourne Photographic Society AGM , April 2017 with a camera phone or similar device such as a tablet.  They can be processed using editing tools of your choice. There will be no print section on the evening, just PDI’s.  The pdi’s will need to be the usual max size of 1400×1050. As far as ratios go Simon has resized to 1400×1050 from a iPhone and the images look fine. A common ratio for phones images is a square format that’s liked by instagram. Remember square images would still need to be set against a 1400 x 1050 background. 

A panoramic images would just need to be sized for a max width of 1400.

To submit your entries for the competition, you need to follow these simple guidelines.

Projected Digital images (PDI)

Submit latest by the end of night, Sunday 9th January. Submit your digital images ( up to 4 ) by email to Simon Pearce [ ], that should be sized at 1400 x 1050 , to allow projection. They should be in JPEG format, and the attachment files should be named the same as the print title. The titles should also be in your email, along with your name

Remember you need to be a fully paid up member to enter the competition.

If you have any further questions, please contact Simon

Tom Tivey Results 14th December 2017

This years competition was judged by Colin Lusby of Grimsby.  The summary results from the hard fought competition are below. Well done to Lindsay Dewis for taking this years overall prize, with Coastal Glory. Lindsay won the PDI class with this, while John Wesson won the prints section, with his Nuthatch image.

Full results are in the members area.

No PDI Title Score Position
13 Coastal Glory – Lindsey 20 1 Overall Winner
5 Down by the Water Hole – Gavin 20 2
21 Scars and Stripes – Gavin 20 3
No Print Title Score Position
20 Nuthatch 2 – John W 20 1
12 Woodland Path – Simon 20 2
29 The Tempest – John W 20 3