Themed Competition – Monochrome 12th October 2017

In the competition judged by Ralph Bennett of Derby City Photographic  the top three in each discipline are:

Themed Competition – Monochrome  12th Oct 17
No PDI Title Score Rank
13 Lost in symmetry (Simon) 20 1st
27 The Vision (Simon) 20 1st
19 Stairwell (Ian P) 19 2nd
23 Viaduct (John Z) 19 2nd
16 Lonley Jetty (Chris F) 18 3rd
33 Start Point Lighthouse (Ian P) 18 3rd
No Print Title Score Rank
13 Marine Lake Jetty (Ian P) 20 1st
3 Industrial Cathedrals (Simon) 20 2nd
17 Sphere of Influence (Helen) 19 2nd
4 Bank of Ireland (Ian P) 19 3rd

Results – Annual Competition 6th April 2016

These are the results from the Annual Competition judged by Ralph Duckett of Burton Photographic Society. There was a superb turnout by the membership, and the judge commented on the high standard of our entries.

In summary the top three in each section were

Winter Walk (Jennifer) 1
Fog on the Tweed (Paul) 2
Waiting Patiently (Helen W) 3
Lighthouse (Simon) 1
Early Morning Rowing Practice (Helen W) 2
Accentuate the Curves (Helen W) 3

Congratulations to both Jennifer and Simon for their success.

Full details can be found in the members area under competition results

Derby Photographic Society – Competition Result

In the second leg of the competition last night with Derby, Melbourne built on their strong position in the first leg to deliver a convincing win.  The gaps in the first leg were somewhat reduced in the second leg marking, but were not enough to put the result out of reach. Thank you to our hosts for last nights hospitality.

Summary Score

MPS Home Leg  DPS Away Leg  Total 
Prints 261 259
PDI 247 255
508 514 1022
Derby PS
Prints 239 244
PDI 241 254
480 498 978

Full results  published in the members area

Ashby Competition Selection

Selection of Images for the Comp at Ashby Camera Club.

The following images were selected for the competition against Ashby Camera Club:

  Print Title
Milky Way Dartmoor John W
Foggy Morning at Spittle Beach Helen
Lone tree in the Mist Simon
Red Squirrel Steve
Action replay John Z
Human Tide Simon
The Staircase Della
Sleeping Beauty Steve
Bridge to Nowhere Paul
Tower Bridge at dawn John Z
White Water Tony P
Dawn, Cromane Co Kerry John W
Lighthouse Simon
Industrial Pathways Helen
Rays of Light Lorraine


PDI Title
Looking where to land Alastair
The Thames Barrier Helen
Bamburgh castle at sunrise Jennifer
Coomakista Vista John W
Autumn forest John Z
Between the clouds Steve
Dream Dancer Tony B
Poppy Sunset Tony P
Red Arrows Crossing Alastair
Through the Tress Chris
Sunk Before the Storm Hits Helen
Moonlight on Marloes Sands Simon
Puffin Burrow Steve
Rider at dawn Jennifer
The mating game Steve


Well done to the 12 members that had their images selected and a big thank you to all that help on the night.