Panel of Four Results – 10th Jan 2019

Last nights competition was closely fought, with many excellent panels submitted by the members.  There were 23 entries , comprising 138 pictures to be judged by Peter Yeo. Congratulations to the winners of the nights event for their superb work.  This year the panels were all presented as PDI’s.

The full results are found in the members area  

PDI Panels Title Score
Cosmic Evolution (Simon) 20 1st
Abstracts in Wood (Della) 20 2nd
Donington Collection Requiem (Tony P) 19 3rd
Owen’s Uncle’s Old House (John W) 19 3rd

Derby Photographic Society Results

These are the results from the recent two headed competition held against Derby Photographic Society on Monday 12th and Thursday 15th March

Derby PS Melbourne PS
Round 1 Prints 235 245
 Monday Digitals 234 243
469 488
Round 2 Prints 225 248
 Thursday Digitals 225 253
450 501
Total 919 989

A big thank you to Simon for arranging the competition from our side. Congratulations to Alastair, Ian, John and Steve who scored so highly with their entries. The detail results will be produced over the weekend on the website


Ashby Photographic Competition – Thursday 8th February

Competition Night, Thursday 8th February, Thomas Cook Memorial Hall 

Judged by Steve Myall

In a tightly run competition between the two societies, MPS won the digital images and Ashby the prints. The difference between the two was one point in favour of Ashby.


Prints Digital Total

Phone Camera Competition 11 Jan 2018

In this very well supported competition, judged by Peter Yeo, with  60 entries the top two places were taken by Chris Findon with 2 x 20 scores. Well done Chris, your second competition entry I believe.

The top scores with 19 & 20 are :

No Print Title Score
4 Jellyfish – Chris F 20 1st
17 Liverpool Reflection – Simon 19
23 Abstrect q-park – Chris F 20 2nd
31 Deserted Dublin – Paul 19
41 Sundown – John W 19
48 Gas Street Basin – Tony P 19
59 The Violin School – Simon 19

The full results will be found in the competition results in the members area