Members Practical Session – Workflow – 9th November 2017

The next practical session will be covering the basic workflows from beyond capturing your pictures to processing them on your computer. Ian Pettit will walk briefly through the basic workflow that he uses, as an example and then we are going to split up into smaller groups. Bring your laptop, power cable, mouse and an example of one picture that you want to use.

We realise that you all use different software and versions, but we will try to help cover the following areas

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop / RAW
  • Adobe Elements
  • Nikon View NX and View NXi
  • DXO
  • Fuji Wifi & Snapseed on iPad

We can’t promise to cover every operating systems / software versions permutations, but there is plenty of experience in the room, and the basic workflows remain basically the same.

External Competition – Notts Outlaws – Thursday 16th November

This weeks meeting, is away from Melbourne, and will be held at the Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society, Richard Herrod Centre, Carlton, Nottingham, NG4 1RL. This is our first external competition of the year. Entries will already have been submitted, following the selection night, so its the chance to come along and see how our images perform. in previous years competition has been very fierce. The event starts at 07:45 pm

Details of the judge, still need to be confirmed.

How to find Notts Outlaws

Selection Night Thursday 2nd November

Members will be selecting images for the forth coming external competition with Notts Outlaws.  Members can submit 3 prints and 3 digital images. Full guidance and competition rules are available on the Society Website. See item

To submit your entries, you need to follow these simple guidelines.

Projected Digital images (PDI)

Sunday before latest , 29th October. Submit your digital images ( up to 3 ) by email to Simon Pearce, that should be sized at 1400 x 1050 , to allow projection. They should be in JPEG format, and the attachment  files should be named the same as the print title. The titles should also be in your email , along with your name


Print titles should be submitted to Simon on Sunday night as above, and please bring the mounted prints with you on Thursday night. Please make sure it is clear which which are prints and which are PDI’s if submitted in the same email. Please make sure your title and name are in the back, Ideally on a white piece of paper, that can be seen in the dark

It can be a busy night, so please try to arrive before 7:15 with your prints, so that they can be collated for display. Assistance with setting up the room from 7pm would be greatly appreciated as this can be quiet a bust time.

Remember you need to be a fully paid up member to enter the competition.

Themed Competition – Monochrome 12th October 2017

In the competition judged by Ralph Bennett of Derby City Photographic  the top three in each discipline are:

Themed Competition – Monochrome  12th Oct 17
No PDI Title Score Rank
13 Lost in symmetry (Simon) 20 1st
27 The Vision (Simon) 20 1st
19 Stairwell (Ian P) 19 2nd
23 Viaduct (John Z) 19 2nd
16 Lonley Jetty (Chris F) 18 3rd
33 Start Point Lighthouse (Ian P) 18 3rd
No Print Title Score Rank
13 Marine Lake Jetty (Ian P) 20 1st
3 Industrial Cathedrals (Simon) 20 2nd
17 Sphere of Influence (Helen) 19 2nd
4 Bank of Ireland (Ian P) 19 3rd